Facebook scam pages


I’ve seen a lot of these recently popping up and too many of my friends are being fooled for comfort.
So I’ve created a few rules you can use. Read the rest of this entry »

Spam: search engine registration


Curious, this one.
The chances are that if you own a domain you’ve seen these.
It’s a pretty scary format that looks all too official at first glance.


Only three notes to put to you:

  1. This has nothing to do with your domain ownership
  2. You can register any domain with search engines yourself
  3. You can safely ignore this message

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Security Now: 9th year and still an excellent resource


The latest episode of Security Now shows how much changes and how much stays the same.

One reason why Steve Gibson is so well respected  in the IT/IS security field is the depth of his experience, something cannot be replaced or ignored.  A constant over the past 8 years.

Then we have security products and our need for them.  One such is encryption.  PGP is an excellent choice which I have been using for what seems like an age.  Over 20 years old and in my opinion PGP still has a good position in most peoples Security Toolkit.

My favourite tool within PGP is from Symantec.  Using their tools you can create self-extracting archives.  Obviously these are symmetric encryptions (they use passwords rather than public/private keys) but they are still darn good and mean you can distribute to persons who cannot get / run PGP easily.

Of course another thing that is a constant is the Privacy Vs Security argument.  In The States this is a huge issue; here in The UK – less so.  Long discussions on the use of anti-terror laws by UK officials last week (the detainment of David Miranda, 18/Aug/2013) on Security Now (an American show, though with wide outreach) shows how seriously the US take such actions.  But here in the UK it hardly registered, perhaps most people thinking that the “press” were look at their own interests.  Perhaps the press, rather than government, are seen as those to be “watched”?  We in the UK have some history of trust more to our Government.  But perhaps this is changing…

Have a listen to Steve & Leo’s first podcast of their 9th year on Security Now.

Highly recommended weekly listening.


Guest Blogger Jackie Looks At Why Casting Your Little Stinker Might Make Your Movie a Stinker



Some good points here.
Any really good repeated familial connections in movies?

Originally posted on :

headerWe are pleased to have Jackie from popheadlines.wordpress.com joining us as a guest blogger with her look at how movies that cast kin fare at the box office.

“I know who would be perfect to play my son,” the A-list star says as he tosses a handful of head shots aside. “And, the best part is, he looks exactly like me.” If said star also has a son, chances are you know where this conversation is going.

Mini-me versions of actor Mom, Dad or older brother (I’m looking at you Culkin kids) pop up in films all the time. However, this gimmick is often used in small doses – a quick flashback to Mom’s embarrassing moment in elementary school or the slow reveal of a traumatic moment in Dad’s childhood. It’s the type of cameo that makes the last few minutes of Access Hollywood or shows up as a line…

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Facebook: Keeping your timeline clean for your Friends


Prompted from a recent post on a friend’s Facebook Timeline I thought I’d review how you can ensure your Timeline is “Clean” and without clutter for your Friends to enjoy.
Primarily, this means ensuring your FB apps and linked websites aren’t sending rubbish to your friends constantly.
Every time you register a new App it gets some permissions. One of these is likely to be to post on your behalf to your timeline.
This is a quick tutorial on how to allow these Apps to work but hide the posts form your Friends. Read the rest of this entry »

Hacked off: Lakeland latest to admit to a successful attack


Many Lakeland customers will have received an email yesterday (23rd July 2013) informing them of an attack on the companies computer systems.
These are important notices that you should read.

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New Facebook for iOS adds easier Privacy and Smileys


New Facebook app is a minor tweak, to be honest.
But it does add two nice features. Read the rest of this entry »


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