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First Posting (ish)


I’ve attempted a blog three times now and never kept it up!

Lets hope it is the old fashioned third time lucky!

Within you should IF I keep to my intentions find general thoughts on life but also the ramblings of my WoW alter-ego as he hunts around the world simply for adventure.  You’ll quickly cotton on to the fact that he is a loner and isn’t competing in the large group quests at all.  A gun for hire but strictly Solo.

Myself?  Well I’m an IT professional since 1993 though my tinkering goes back many more years than that.  I am predomenantly self taught but have a grounding at HNC level that allowed me to get on the ladder at all.

See over the coming weeks if more of myself is relealed?


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"Thoughts of an idle mind." Information Security professional.


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