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Squid AD

I have recently been working on a new squid implementation and have noticed a few things.

  1. If you copy and paste from this blog then the chances are that the format will be broken and that some characters have been replaced ( inverted commas for matched quotes for example) resulting in a non-functional script. — my apologies.
  2. The helper program (wbinfo_group_H.pl)  required an extra check in the result of the AD match otherwise in the unlikely event of squid reporting a non-existant AD user to verify then the response would be “OK”.
  3. the format of the previous posting varies greatly from browser to browser.  I will try to accommodate a sensible format that allows for note (1).  I actually think that posting the files direct may be a better option though.

As a result i am directly attaching a new version of the “wbinfo_group_H2.pl” script. 

So the link HERE will get you the new version.



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