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Windows Live Blog Editor

Strange things you find…


In amongst my Live Mail I find an App called “Windows Live Writer”.  What is it and what does it do?  We will now find out.

It appears to be a HTML editor that understands how many Blog sites work.  So adding content should be easy.

It’s got the standard text edit so this Coloured underlined quoted etc. text is simple enough.

No font size changes but has heading levels.

And it
has tables!


IMG_0010 Images can be added!  but will they upload?

You can preview the page as it downloads the theme!  Nice touch!

Spell check too! Centres text easily.

And an HTML editor so big text can be done after all!

Link can be added and the line spacing altered by using [SHIFT]-[ENTER]
Instead of [ENTER]

Not bad and there are plug-ins that a lot of people would enjoy"!

For an IT nut it is missing some paragraph/font styles like CODE and EXAMPLE but otherwise easy and quick!

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