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Facebook, blogs and tweets

Social Networking. Again. Interesting topic. I look back at my life and how it has gone and it came to me to think about how any of my circumstances would have changed if I’d had access to such things as Blogs or FB. Even Twitter? Twitter for me looks so so dangerous. I can be … Continue reading

Grammar, Grandpa

I love Facebook. I have contacted old friends. I play games. I get informed of interesting news on all sorts of topics. But just occasionally flames start. Yesterday a friend [A] posted about his difficulties with his new insurer (car). A reasonable reply by a friend [B] of his accidentally referred to the company in … Continue reading

Third world Comms

There is a big call on mobile tech these days. Phones (like the one I am using now) are far more sophisticated than large computers of yesteryear. If the old analogy of a computer being like a kitchen still holds then mobiles are like restaurants. We even get different menus. Big and mostly better quality … Continue reading

Live, Neutral or Earth

News from the US. Two companies announced today that they want greater control of data casting and transfers prioritisation over wired networks. The trick here is that they wish wired networks to treat all traffic as equal. So there is no prioritising of any datagram or packer over another. All data is equal. Now this … Continue reading

The Open Society (WikiLeaks)

Hmm, One of my favourite podcasts comes from TWIT (this week in technology) and is called TWIG, this week in google. Look ’em up. It’s available in video and audio and is a ~ 1hr 30min discussion by some top experts in Cloud environments, some from inside the establishments (like Google), some expert observers. twit.tv/twigLast week … Continue reading


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