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Live, Neutral or Earth

News from the US.
Two companies announced today that they want greater control of data casting and transfers prioritisation over wired networks.
The trick here is that they wish wired networks to treat all traffic as equal. So there is no prioritising of any datagram or packer over another. All data is equal.
Now this would be a non-story except companies of the like of Google and Verizon are able to get their ideas out in the open and talked about.
I have yet to look up what the issues are in the US that lead to a request to regulate this but aren’t some packets simply more equal than others?
I personally would like to see any Antiviral update to be delivered as a priority, for example. I’d also like to reduce the priority of streaming audio/video below most all other traffic.

Also, they propose, wireless networks would be exempt as they aren’t mature enough to enable such regulation and are more competitive. I understand that with wireless you can choose anyone who has coverage in your area but wired you use the provider and their upstream exclusively. But, isn’t it better to get appropriate regulation as earlier as possible into a technology?

Anyway, this is a US FCC issue and doesn’t effect us? Wrong.
With cloud computing the big modern thing we all now have so much of our information and services provided from all over the globe. Potentially, you’d need greater bandwidth in the US to allow reasonable provision on mission critical services, corporate and government comms, financials and the afore mentioned computer security updates/transfers.

I don’t agree with this regulation. I want my security updates quicker than my standard browsing. I’m not a Net Neutral kinda guy. More earthy. I know that some stuffs needs to be prioritised. Thoughts? If someone pays for prioritisation, let them. Life ain’t fair to the poor guys like us. Never had been, never will be.

One last note on this: the statement says that other services can be provided that do not comply bit they cannot be called broadband.

Anyone out there know what the UK and EU positions or regulations are on packet prioritisation?

Other news.
I see that more android devices are due soon. With android 3 on the horizon I am staggered that motorola have decide to install V 1.6.
Seems odd. All my colleagues are looking for V 2.2 and here we are going way back? These devices are going to have to be superb to get any Market share as the androids are on the march!

The iPhone gets flash!! You still have to jail break it and then add a source kit and then install “Frash”. It’s ALPHA code so on top of the jail break be careful!
I have got used to the limitations of the safari on the iPhone but I am hoping that HTML 5 will be the next evolution for this kind of data. That should be portable onto the iPhone. Surely.

RIM (Blackberry) are looking to back down in Saudi Arabia, UAE and India on data surveillance. A localised systems looks likely to be installed in Saudi Arabia that will allow the government can see the traffic. This is a anti terrorist issue, apparently. RIM use a less “cloudy” and dispersed and uses a central server base unlike Microsoft and Google.

Anything out there we should be talking about?

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2 thoughts on “Live, Neutral or Earth

  1. Footnote:
    RIM have agreed to install 3 servers in Saudi Arabia that the government there can use to access the textual content of IM and SMS.

    Posted by admin | 2010/08/16, 8:03 am
  2. Footnote:
    India tell RIM that Blackberry services will be blocked by 31/08/2010 if an agreement on access is not achieved.

    Posted by admin | 2010/08/16, 9:46 am

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