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Grammar, Grandpa

I love Facebook.
I have contacted old friends.
I play games.
I get informed of interesting news on all sorts of topics.

But just occasionally flames start.

Yesterday a friend [A] posted about his difficulties with his new insurer (car).
A reasonable reply by a friend [B] of his accidentally referred to the company in the plural.
Now, anyone following this blog knows that I suffer from a significant lack of skill with English. All the more embarrassing as it is the only language I speak or write.
So normally I am quite forgiving of typos, grammar and spelling mistakes.
I have little ‘ground to stand on’, so to speak.
But a reply [C] to the comment mention above pointed out the mistake. It was polite enough so I thought I’d give a little lite rib tickle back, especially as the reply included some equally small mistakes like “i” instead of I. I even put a “wink” at the end.
Big mistake.
There followed the normal lite ribbing about “Engrish” and such – no problem there.
But the respondent [C] seems to have taken offence.
I carefully read the reply and was •so• tempted to point out the error in the argument put forward.

Instead I bowed gracefully and walked away.
I leave it up tithe reader here to make their own mind up. Comments welcome as always.

Original post not reproduced.
Comment by [B]

Response by [C]

My response

Reply by [C]

Final comment by me (abridged)

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2 thoughts on “Grammar, Grandpa

  1. I’m completely with you on this. What an obnoxious little twit. For a start I think its actually totally pointless to pick holes in grammar on FB. It’s not the place for getting upset about grammar, because people really don’t give a stuff – they are having fun, and don’t meed to be lectured.

    Ok – when writing a blog, *try* at least to get it right – or if your FB page is attached to a business identity – but seriously!

    And if people do feel like being picky – as you say – it’s best if they manage to not make silly mistakes themselves. Being a twat is bad enough – being a hypocritical twat is juts plane embarrassing Lol (that means Laugh Out Loud in case we didn’t know already).

    Posted by Avalon | 2010/08/18, 9:12 pm
  2. Thanks, Avalon.
    Wondered if it was just innate ability to rub people up the wrong way.
    I wonder which is worse, honestly:
    A mistake that is “common”
    A deliberate action to bastardise the language.
    “i” is quicker than “I”?

    Posted by admin | 2010/08/19, 5:49 am

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