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As money is tight for everyone I have got into the habit of downloading and trying free apps on my iPhone.
I primarily download games but keep checking all the top 25 free apps in all sections.

Well, with Google maps built in I haven’t looked too often at this but noticed a new free app.
AccuTerra GPS is one of those classic free apps that requires In App purchases to makes useful. Maps in this case, obviously. So I very nearly deleted it immediately. But I thought, hold on, at least have a look at the features.
Fiddling about a bit I found that out that no UK maps were available. So I again think, no, still give it a try. More fiddling and — tada — it can be set to use Google Maps!
Now so that’s better.
What I need to do now is link the “tracking” mode (the main feature I am looking for) in the field. Alas I won’t be able to do this until Monday so will add a comment on how that goes on the train!

Well I already appear to be completely tooled up on this with Twitterific, Facebook, BlogPress (sic) and even LinkedIn. But I wanted more. iPhone users on a particular Japanese network get an extra keyboard, Emoji. This is an iPhone only gizmo that adds an absolute ton of icons that can be used in apps. What I found with some searching was Emoji Free.
This little app is amongst a whole range that unlock the Emoji keyboard. But a the name suggests it is free!
Not a huge leap forward but I love this. Smilies, buildings, hand gestures, people and many more are available as text icons. Superb. You get a “world/globe” icon in the keyboard that gives access to the page after page of Emojis.
One caveat; they only work in appropriate iPhone apps. So as I write this article I can add the Emojis and they would look all ok. But when uploaded to my blog they will appear as .

So limited use but still cute if you live on an iPhone. Even has a silly little app that bounces the icons around the screen.

An unusual category this as really it’s a game preview with, well, no game.
So we move to Epic Citadel. Now this is a “world” to roam around without any interactions available. Look around and wander and just enjoy. This is done on the Unreal 3 game engine so expect some pretty spectacular games to come out of this.

My current mega time waster is a city/civilisation game called City Story.
You get to build factories to earn money and than get to build residences and shop etc where they can work and have fun.
Working my way up to by a Statue of Liberty. Social aspect is provided by cleaning other peoples cities and they can clean yours and some aspects of the game can only be unlocked with the help of ‘neighbours’.

Free apps

If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod then I would always recommend checking the free apps.
Check whether the app will work without in app purchases.
Check the reviews. Not just the most recent ones too, the old ones.
Check the requirements. I have an iOS 4 on a 3GS. Some apps will be iPad only or advised or require the retina screen or better processor of the iPhone 4.

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2 thoughts on “Epic!

  1. Well,
    The Emoji appear to work in Windows 7 and IE 8.
    So that is odd. Perhaps other OSs or browsers don’t show the Emoji.
    Do tell, please.

    Posted by admin | 2010/09/05, 3:04 pm
  2. AccuTerra did an excellent job today!
    It recorded my journey with the appropriate accuracy and even the many train tunnels did not seam to phase it.
    Along the way I was able to associate photos with the journey and a little  icon appears on the route.
    The profess is charted asyou go with seconds per km and such.
    An altitude chart is created upon completion.
    Me like.
    Proper grown up GPS.

    Posted by admin | 2010/09/06, 5:59 pm

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