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Grapetiser is bad bad bad

At work we get a £5 subsidised lunch. It’s a generous policy, though those of us who have been there years complain at how the “value” of the £5 has diminished.
The range is good; cooked foods and salads, pies and curries, crisps and fizzy drinks, fruit and juices.

I’m a pie man myself with crisps and Rocky Road. If I can also a sugary drink for later. Sometimes that drink is left for on the way home if I’m too busy to remember to drink it.

Appletiser products are available in this neighbourhood. These are popular and it isn’t surprising; delicious and so so much sugar.

Grapetiser is an astonishing product, for example. Refreshing and fruity and slightly carbonated it ticks the “snack drink” boxes. But the real kick comes from the amount of sugar. Some how they have managed to get a whopping 50g dissolved into that there fruit juice. Ok, that’s a bit unfair as it is all, apparently, provided by the fruit itself. No wonder grapes are popular for fermentation.

Sugar sugar sugar sugar rush rush rush rush.

Last night, on my way home, I made the mistake of placing my laptop bag less gently than normal in the car.

Big mistake.

The iPhone mains adaptor managed to puncture the can! What are the chances? I mean, come on!

So I drive home and slowly the can is bubbling away.

Now my laptop bag is a rather nice Oakley bag and I utterly fill it with adaptors, USB keys all sorts of micro tech. Even an old digital camera. Not to mention my work laptop.


So I get home. Actually I didn’t notice the leak at first, only after a couple of hours when I went to get the can. And the can has a huge hole punched in it by the Earth pin.
So the next hour was spent cleaning cables, carpets, tech and of course the bag.
But here it does show that buying decent stuff does pay off because only that segment of the bag was affected by the spill, though as stated it leaked through te bottom onto the carpet.

So the work laptop is completely unaffected. That is most definitely the big “phew!” moment.

Alas the can spill has I think finally killed the BH22 mini camera. It’s old and cheep and difficult to use and eats batteries but I have owned it so long and I honestly will miss it. Comfort Tech.

With my good lady’s help I have cleaned everything else but it’ll be a while before the bag is dry. Owe her a big “thank you”.

I’m just happy that the title here isn’t Grapetiser killed my Laptop coz I just don’t want that conversation with my boss.

As an aside, if you go to the Appletiser website you won’t find Grapetiser listed. Perhaps afraid of that 50g of sugar.

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