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Kaspersky source leak confirmed

Kaspersky AV[2] source code has been leaked on several torrent sites, confirms the Russian software firm.

The source code is dated 2008, possibly Version 8. The effect current versions is said to be minimal as no common AV related code exists.

The confirmation was sent in a statement to Tech Blog Giant Softpedia[1]. However, having searched (the UK site) for references or articles (including, support, TechNews, ReadingRoom an CorpNews secrions) no statement appears to be available on Kaspersky’s own website.

A three year suspended sentence was handed to the former employee held responsible. According to the sttement posted by Softpedia, Kaspersky intend to take legal action against distributors and downloaders

[1]Softpedia 31/01/2011
[2] Kaspersky Labs 31/01/2011

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