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Source Forge Hack

All of us downloading from SourceForge[1] regularly need to watch this one[2].

The SSH daemon had been compromised and thus project passwords may have been exposed.
The potential problem is that any exposed code may have been hacked itself and thus, being honest, the entire repository becomes distrusted.
Also, the notifications are being distrusted as this is exactly the kind of message we are told to ignore •everyday•. Phishing[3] it’s called.

There is a lot on news[4][5] on the issue and the SourceForge blog[6] itself is updated with information as it happens.
There is a good article there on what actions are being taken.

It is a shame that the Open Source community has been attacked in this way. The service SourceForge have offered over the years is an excellent example of the IT community working cooperatively.

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Good luck guys.

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