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SIO to go (Cisco)

There are a number of security related apps available from the Apple App Store.

Cisco[1] have a reasonable number of apps available.
Cisco SIO to go[2] is one such app.

Cost: free
Version: 3.3
Last update: 21/01/2011
Size: 1.6MB
Focus: “…informs, protects and enables you to respond to alerts and real time threats…”

  • Alerts
    • Feeds
    • Products
  • Lookup
  • Location

As is often the case with corporate sponsored Apps, the focus is heavily weighted towards the that corporations (Cisco) product family, even in the feeds.
The feeds do include the Cisco Security Blog which is an excellent source of information.
The twitter feed is though massively skewed towards products so that will only interest Cisco customers, and probably only those with multiple Cisco systems to keep up to date on.
The potentially useful Cyber Risk Reports are poorly rendered, if they render at all.
The products allows you to follow all official news on any or all wide array of Cisco systems.
Another significant flaw is around the Lookup feature. This is supposed to allow you to check the email/web reputation of a domain. Alas it simply crashes the App when it is run in the version tested.
Location allows you to view a world map showing various active threats and where they originate. Currently covered are mass mails, spam and viral outbreaks.
All in all a nicely constructed application but with significant flaws:

  • Fix Lookup feature
  • Fix Cyber Risks Reports

Significant amount of Cisco information available an some useful security industry items.


  1. Alerts screen
  2. Configuring Feeds
  3. Location

[1]Cisco 17/02/2011
[2]Cisco SIO to go 17/02/2011

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