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Facebook Script Kiddie joy

What is it with the “Malware made easy” schtick that is roaming all media at the moment? Here’s an article from The Register[1] on a Facebook tool that makes point and click Scams, malware or whatever you want simple. Most common though are survey pushes that generate revenue (via the clicks made by the victims). … Continue reading

UK Government infected by Zeus Virus

Well, some equipment anyway. From the BBC[1]: Government staff opened emails with attachment that appeared to come from The Whitehouse. Other attacks reported include one that originated from a “hostile state intelligence agency”, said Mr Hague – foreign secretary[2]. References [1]BBC 05/02/2011 [2]UK Foreign Office 05/02/2011 – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Source Forge Hack

All of us downloading from SourceForge[1] regularly need to watch this one[2]. The SSH daemon had been compromised and thus project passwords may have been exposed. The potential problem is that any exposed code may have been hacked itself and thus, being honest, the entire repository becomes distrusted. Also, the notifications are being distrusted as … Continue reading

Microsoft Security Advisory (2501696)

Microsoft Security Advisory service provides information on active issues in any Microsoft product currently in any of the support windows (sorry about the pun.) MS-SA2501696[1] describes a publicly Reported vulnerability in how MS software handles certain data requests using MIME and is essentially an issue with all versions of MS Windows, rather than the browser, … Continue reading


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