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iOS 4.3

This little upgrade[1] came in 2 days early.
It should be noted that I use an iPhone 3GS.
Upgrade went smoothly and took about an hour including download on my puny broadband.
I forgot to close all my apps before giving the go ahead to install but this usually isn’t a problem.
First Start
When restart everything seemed to work except Twitter. The app simply minimised with every update.
I took the precaution of forced closing all the apps and then Twitter started behaving again.
Next day
Core Functionality
iPod functionality seems intact. Music playing as before over Bluetooth to my Motorola S9 headset.
SMS functionality works.
Alarm went off this morning- a distinct improvement on the last update.
WiFi seems good.
3G cellular is flaking in and out but this might be natural as I am on the move.
Well, Twitter isn’t behaving after all. Keeps minimising when I follow someone. Random closures on updates too.
BlogPress {sic} is working ok so far.
Graphic intensive game like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ran without issues.
Online games like Godville and World War running without a hitch.
UK Train Times from Agent (OBO National Rail Enquiries) running nicely.
So a good selection of apps, mostly ok but the rubbish v3.3 Twitter is indeed even more rubbish now. Was better than Twitterific but might have to revert again. Luckily, I have downloaded the update, v3.3.1 Twitter and the crashes ceased.
The default web browser is noticeably sharper to respond to certain pages on WiFi but not essential as most browsing time is waiting for pages to download. More important are the Security Patches in the background.
Hot Spot
Hmm. Theoretically only available to iPhone 4, this is an option on my iPhone 3GS.
The button refers you to the provider’s site and, in the case of O2, the tariffs.
This is where it really falls down. Why would I want to pay £7.50 for 500MB per month? My GMail alone could swallow that! There is an excessive usage charge thereafter also.
Vodafone charge £5 for the same service.
If I have payed for unlimited data it should not matter at all how I use that, surely? This is a way of putting limits throughbte back door!
Air Play
Let me know if you know anyone at all with an AppleTV that uses this. Anyone. Anyone at all.
iTunes Home Sharing
Gotta try this, play my videos on my PC over the WiFi on my iPhone? Yes, I could use that. Wonder how you set it up?
Offers little but a slight tweak to the Settings UI and some important security patches[2].
Not available for iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2nd Gen or below.
As many have commented, the risk on those older devices is going to be problematic. Perhaps Apple should have a security only update from them? They aren’t ancient, after all. Just a few years old.


  1. Settings Screen
    Some items promoted to first page.

  2. 3GS has the Hotspot option

  3. …Links to tariff page on your carrier

[1]iOS 4.3 Features Page 10/03/2011
[2]iOS 4.3 Security Features Page 10/03/2011

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3 thoughts on “iOS 4.3

  1. iTunes Home Sharing turned to be both very simple and very useful.
    The option is available directly from the left menu on the PC. Enter your AppleID crddentials and then the sharing has begun.
    On the iPhone Home Sharing is activated from the Settings/iPod screen, again enter the AppleID credentials.
    The content on your PC is then available on the iPhone!
    Only issue in found was that my home videos didn’t play, though they do on the PC.
    Everything else was excellent!

    Posted by harlekwinblog | 2011/03/11, 6:33 am
  2. Two further notes:

    1. Twitter
      Not exactly fixed with the new update but much better. URLs are at least sometimes detected automatically.
    2. Battery Life
      Well, it would appear that use of Bluetooth is now eating battery life, at a rate of about 10% per hour. That is noticeably more than perviously.

    Posted by harlekwinblog | 2011/03/14, 7:51 am
    • Battery Life
      Interestingly it appears that although Bluetooth is the biggest culprit on my 3GS, generally the battery performance has been abysmal since the upgrade.
      There are significant reports all over the web and forums on the issue.
      Will post updates as I can.

      Posted by harlekwinblog | 2011/03/16, 7:53 am

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