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Smart Surfing

Secure browser app available from the Apple App Store.

Trend Micro[1] have a few number of apps available.
Trend Smart Surfing[2] is one such app.

Cost: free
Last update: 10/06/2010
Size: 348KB
Focus: “…a smarter, safer experience when browsing the web…”

  • Secure Browsing
    • Phishing
    • Malware
  • Tabs
  • Bookmarks

This is a smart {sic} little browser that seems to perform well in most circumstances. The interface and lack of options won’t appeal to all but the security features are the kind that should be present by default.
The protection is based on blacklist and whitelists, called reputations, provided by realtime comparison by Trend. Known safe sites get a green tick in the address bar when you visit them. Visit Unsafe sites and you are presented with a block page.
The Settings page is limited to only the basic security options, no cache or cookie options for example.
Tabs work ok but creating a new tab is a little awkward, requiring two clicks.
The app description states that it will return colour coded search results but I have yet to see this.
Seems to include all the normal hooks to Apps like App Store, YouTube etc.
All in all an OK application that needs a couple of tweaks:

  • Needs single button for new tab
  • Colour coded search results is an excellent idea
  • More standard browser options
  • Seems to reload pages after being minimised

Should be the basic browser if you are unsure of the authenticity of the results/sites but isn’t essential.


  1. Alerts screen

  2. Safe Site tick

  3. Smart Surfing configuration options

[1]Trend Micro Smart Surfing page 24/03/2011
[2]Smart Surfing (App Store) 24/03/2011

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