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PSN hack rumbles on

You have to say, after being too quiet too long, what ever PR advice Sony are now getting it is resulting in more information for the public.
Another announcement today plus the one yesterday add more meat to the story.
Yesterday Sony Announced that SOE had been compromised as well as PSN, a total of over 100 million compromised accounts.
Astonishing just dent seem to cover it now.
The main blog again today concentrated heavily on the US mitigation and compensation steps but the EU blog remained silent, probably because the EU has yet to phrase investigative questions to Sony.
Some of the most interesting features of today’s statement, in my opinion, are:

  • A file has been found titled “Anonymous” containing the text “We are Legion” on the PSN system. Make of that what you wish.
  • No current fraud activity has been traced to the breach
  • A CISO is to be assigned
  • Sony have written an 8 page letter to the US House of Representatives

According to The Guardian the issue is being investigated on behalf of Sony by Guidance Software, Protiviti and a former member of the US NIS. The FBI are holding an independent investigation.

With the SOE breach preceding the PSN breach by a few days, 16/Apr/2011-17/Apr/2011, the lag between breach/ detection/ closure/ disclosure all stretch. It doesn’t look good for Sony.

The good news is that with several companies working together to help Sony with the new version of security we can honestly hope it is one of the worlds best. But the horse has well and truly bolted. The dudes at XBox Live etc. Must be:

  1. Laughing their socks off
  2. Strenuously working ensure they are not prone to the same type of attack and have a better detection/response strategy

Playstation Official Blog
Playstation EU Blog
The Guardian Tech Blog
Sony Letter to US H. Of Reps.

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