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Cookies and the law

Time to get permission to set them there cookies or face the consequences.
ICO gives advice on how UK websites should handle the requirements of new EU legislation.
Deadline: 26/May/2011— tick tock tick tock

The main point here is that you must explicitly (a word emphasised repeatedly in the advice) gain consent before leaving all but the most essential cookies.
It is advised that essential will be considered by the ICO in the narrowest possible terms. Those cookies absolutely required to allow the communication to exist at all, for example.

Webmasters and legal teams need to think about how they plan to gain this consent. My preference is to update the T&C on the site, but be advised, you must explicitly inform the user that they have changed.

Perhaps someone out here can give some options for the best approaches available?

For reference this is “Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation”. You still need to consider Data Protection separately.

ICO advice
ICO press release
All About Cookies

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