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PSN service restoration begins…

An announcement today, which I was happy to find on both EU and US blogs, states that a roll out by region of services has begun.
The announcement was made by Video, a good response as it puts a human face to the issue. If you are strong and brave enough this is never a bad idea – as long as things get fixed.
The image blow shows the steps Sony say they have made to improve security.

These are are all standard security schemes on any vulnerable or sensitive network. But welcome none the less.
Kazuo Hirai also announced the mandatory password change, which mimics the system used by LastPass when they could not guarantee they had not been breached.
Again, apologies were made but this level of PR is much better than is normally seen from corporations of this size, where the CEB is normally selected solely on management and money generating ability. Normal practice is to let the head of PR or Corporate Identity Department take the heat. Hats off to Kazuo Hirai, sir, for putting his head above the parapet.

I’ll try my PS3 later so fingers crossed. No further announcement on the EU/UK welcome pack/ identity protection yet.
Playstation blog: video announcement

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