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One of my favourite uses for my iPad is video podcasts.
Seems obvious then to subscribe to iPad Today!
I have been a follower of the TWiT network for a while now.
Good specialist IT discussions and news in separate programmes. This is how IT broadcasting can be good. The presenters and guests know their subjects well, an advantage of specialisation.
iPad Today is presented on the TWiT network by Sarah Lane and Leo Laporte.
Sarah Lane has been working in Tech journalism for 10 years and also co-hosts the Tech News Today programme.
Leo Laporte is simply the Overlord of all things TWiT and a man of such experience that he would put Methuselah to shame.
Beyond the standard iPad-centric policy of the show there is no focus on particular type of applications on the iPad, or uses there of.
Individual shows may have a theme like toddler apps, book apps or travel apps. Viewer posts on various iPad issues are raised and answered and the show includes some excellent tips and tricks.
All of this makes reviewing older episodes actually quite interesting and worth while, as long as you read the show description first.
The video format is easily the better format as it shows off the apps as they are discussed but the show is also available in audio only. Streams and subscribed channels are both provided, including the iTunes sub that I use.
The two hosts are very engaging and obviously use and apply the iPad In their lives outside of the studio (or if they don’t they should win an Emmy for acting.) They fiddle and pay with apps in a natural way and don’t hide the crashes and niggles that are often inherent in the mobile platform, even now.
Thoroughly fun and highly recommended viewing for the iPad owner or potential owner.
Screen shots
iPad Today, title sequence

Veronica Belmont guest presenting

iPad Today

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