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Evil Office Pranks

Hmm, How far is too far? Do practical jokes have a place at work?

Secure Web Forms

Security on line is a responsibility. A responsibility that should be taken seriously. One area that many sites fall down on is when they engage their readership, ask for input.

Apple in the Media

It was inevitable that whenever Steve Jobs announced his departure from the top spot at Apple the journalistic world would be flooded, all vying for that unique angle that will push their story above the throng and chatter of the crowded media space. So I was not surprised to find all my news feeds flooded … Continue reading

Stick Wars

Another great game for iPhone and iPad. Stick Wars is simple. Defend the wall at all cost. No matter what comes your way you must end the round repelling all siege engines and assailants.

Certified Security Professional

EC Council && C|EH, Cisco && CCNA Sec, (ISC)2 && CISSP: Earlier this year I was able to take and pass C|EH, Certified Ethical Hacker, from EC Council. The insight this course, thank you Sean Hanna, and certification gave me is invaluable in my career. Although I have been working in many small elements of … Continue reading