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Nice short article on the “Gold Account” phenomenon on Facebook. midas touch..

Facebook: Timeline (Developer Preview)

Ok, If you want activate Timeline then read the reference at the bottom. But it’s convoluted and you’d be better off waiting until next week (5th October). This requires Developer status which, unlike Apple, is entirely free but a bit weird. But what will you get with Facebook Timeline??? Read on…

Facebook: Timeline

So we have a new Facebook Profile coming soon. The styling has people split, coming rapidly on the news feed changes which although unpopular aren’t quite enough to force people off the service. But I thought I’d trial the new profiles, called Timelines and see what’s what.

Facebook: Subscribe (Stalk?)

Curious how things change and yet stay the same. According to Facebook the Subscribe feature is just a natural extension of a ‘hidden’ feature that was already there. But are Facebook making the service too complicated to understand, let alone manage?

Eastenders: Your personal advice Bureau?

Remember all those “if you’ve been affected by the events in this programme…” tags at the end of soaps and dramas? Well here’s a list from the Eastenders site that can serve as an excellent source of help and advice. Covering everything from birth to bereavement, and absolute everything in-between. Well, if you check up … Continue reading