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Missing iPad/iPhone functions (iOS 4.3.5)

Love the iPad as I do, there are some things Apple have elected to skip or deliberately make difficult.
Here is my ‘gripe’ list as based on iOS 4.3.5. Of course I’m expecting iOS 5 to fix some of these issues. Some can be fixed with App Store purchases. Some require you to pay your network provider a premium. I think they should be built in.

  • Emoji keyboard disabled outside Japan.
  • Photo select & delete.
  • Photo rotate.
  • Delete key.
  • Tab key.
  • Cursor keys.
  • Global (overview of) notifications.
  • Social media integration.
  • HTML email editor.
  • Offline/cached browsing.
  • Disable preview (auto read next) of mail.
  • Gesture support in email.
  • Gesture support in Safari.
  • Bluetooth file sharing.
  • Bluetooth modem sharing.
  • WiFi modem sharing.

Small list, I know, perhaps you you’ve got more?
iOS 4
iOS 5

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