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Chrome 14: fixes autodetect proxy issues

Just got ther latest version of Chrome, Googles “everywhere” browser.

Version 14.0.835.163 m appears to support the “Automatically detect settings” option in Windows.

This means that the browser behaves in the corporate envrinment without any silly workarounds, like forcing users to enter the path to the Proxy.Pac or entering the proxies manually.

This is a feature that just simply should have been in Chrome from day one but is a nice addition after so many iterations.

Wikipedia have feature changes as:

  • Native Client (NaCl) enabled for apps in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Web Audio API.
  • Additional Mac OS X Lion feature support.
  • Sync Encryption for all data.
  • Print Preview on Mac.
  • Experimental Web Request extension API.
  • Experimental Content Settings extension API.
  • DNSSEC validation of HTTPS sites.

So this is new.

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