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Facebook: Timeline

So we have a new Facebook Profile coming soon.

The styling has people split, coming rapidly on the news feed changes which although unpopular aren’t quite enough to force people off the service.
But I thought I’d trial the new profiles, called Timelines and see what’s what.
The preview page provided by Facebook does give a pretty good and very concise run down on how they expect the new schema to work.
Essentially broken up into two segments with an album cover, you can consider it a sort of dynamic scrapbook, I suppose.

The first choice is to choose a picture that will be the new cover of your profile. A decent resolution will be required as you need to think of friends who have decent monitors.

Here you’ll choose the items that reflect your life so far. Pick the big, heroic events of your life and show them off. Your Updates, Photos, even you Place can be listed like a little selective stalker. A bit worrying but perhaps you will be given control over the data presented?

The new evolution of web and social applications that dive, delve, mingle and interact all with each other are a huge resource that Facebook hope you’ll link into your profile and present in this new Timeline. What music are you listening too? What movies are you watching? How far have you run this week? That kind of thing. All generate dynamically from the Social Appverse.

Ok, so I’ve thrown caution to the wind. I’ve seen the big shiny green button and cannot resist!
What a complete let down.

Currently the new profiles are under invite only and locked down. A real shame as I was willing to take a punt.
I await activation of this feature, really, but I will ask for early adopter status so that a proper review can be written.
I think that, like all things social, you’ll need to play with the new Timeline to get both the exposure and privacy you crave.
What I don’t know is the differences between a Friend viewing the Timeline or a stranger.
More to follow…

Facebook Timeline

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3 thoughts on “Facebook: Timeline

  1. Well,
    I have this enabled now so more to follow.

    Posted by harlekwinblog | 2011/09/28, 1:29 pm
  2. As the above comment indicates I have written an an article on what you get with Facebook Timeline, here.

    Posted by harlekwinblog | 2011/10/01, 8:53 am


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