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IPad update to iOS 5: music app problems

Alas, a few grumbles with the iOS 5 update on iPad 1. I’m not alone either with many users reporting exactly the same issues on the Apple forums. A particular problem seems to surround the new Music App. (added a small update).

iOS 5: First impressions

Well, after the issues of getting the iOS update onto my iPhone 3GS, was it worth the struggle? Along with some cool extras the are the inevitable missing features and application errors. Pus some odd behaviour.

iOS 5: Repeating Alarms fail

Just a quick note. Again with an iOS update the repeat alarms have failed. Removing them and adding them again does seem to work though. Very very annoying, now 30 minutes late… – Posted using BlogPress

Installing iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS: OUCH!

So last night, 12th October – 7pm BST, I like millions of others started the process of upgrading to iOS 5. For me this meant a major tweak to my 2 year old iPhone 3GS. Things did not go well…

Facebook for iPad

Finally and just a day before iOS 5 is released Facebook have wrangled out the long awaited Facebook for iPad. Actuality, it is a refresh of the iPhone app that also performs appropriately on the iPad. But was it worth the wait?