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Facebook: Security updates

Last week Websense and Facebook announced a partnership in order to protect users from malicious links in the popular social media site.
But Facebook have a pretty good page dedicated to security issues of all sorts.

Websense Partnership:
Firstly, I’ll cover this new enterprise. This looks like an excellent deal. Obviously the end user should benefit from more trustworthy results from Facebook. Facebook benefits via significant PR. Lastly, Websense dramatically improve their malicious site DB credentials with another mainstream, popular and massive client. They also service Bit.Ly.
The idea is to scan the accessed URLs using the Websense™ ThreatSeeker™ Cloud and if deemed appropriate prompt the user with a warning, where they can elect to continue or ask for more information on the threat detected.
This is the kind of technology that we should now be expecting built into open/social forum/media. It is yet to be implemented and I am sure someone will engineer a bypass but I welcome this.

Facebook Security Page:
Now this is very much worth a look. I was impressed to find that some of my friends’ children had already found the page for themselves and liked the page. Very, very cool. {sic}

I won’t go through every item available but you should visit the Blog, Security Guide and Tips. Obviously the Blog needs to be visited regularly to be effective.
An innovative item is the White Hats section. Here Ethical Hackers can register issues they have found with Facebook Security. Pretty clear and concise and a nice little run down of those that have helped make Facebook safer too. If you’re up to it you can get a $500 reward for being the first to report a problem.
All users shoud have a good look around the Security page, read thorough, and then have a go at the Security Quiz!
Facebook Security Page
Websense Facebook Announcement
Facebook Websense Announcement
Bit.Ly Security Announcement

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