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IPad update to iOS 5: music app problems

Alas, a few grumbles with the iOS 5 update on iPad 1.
I’m not alone either with many users reporting exactly the same issues on the Apple forums.
A particular problem seems to surround the new Music App.
(added a small update).

Musical Chairs:
No one expects Apple‘s own built in apps to stay the same but they have a right to expect them to improve. Surely?
So my issues:

  1. Bug: Podcast warble
  2. Bug: Albums of death
  3. Feature: Podcast playback speed
  4. Feature: Podcast get more episodes
  5. Feature: Listened Marker

Podcast Warble:
Alas this is a huge problem. Every podcast and audiobook has a nauseating warble/echo/reverb throughout the track. Removing and re-adding, downloading new tracks in iTunes, downloading new tracks on PC – nothing seems to fix this.
Eventually I found a solution. Though it isn’t for the fair hearted.
What I found is that resetting all settings removed the reverb! Why I don’t know, some hang over from other changes in the music app?

Go to “Settings“, “General“, “Reset” and select the top option “Reset all Settings“. This should only change some of your preferences in the iOS but beware, it may do more. Most obvious is that your device password is removed. But it did fix my warble in audiobooks and podcasts. Please be sure you want the risk of resetting your settings before taking this option. All resets carry risk.
Albums of Death:
Really annoying and not fixed by the reset above.
Simply put, when some tracks are selected or come up in a playlist the Music App stalls. The only way to continue is often to shut the app down completely and reload.
No fix yet.
Podcast playback speed:
In iOS 4 you could select a speed to play podcasts and audiobooks. A very useful feature allowing 1/2 or 2x playback. Alas, Apple have removed this from the iPad in the update, though it is still present on the iPhone. May be related to item one above.
Podcasts, get more episodes:
The old iOS also had the ability to take you directly to iTunes and get mor episodes from a podcast. Guess what, in iOS 5 this feature is gone.
Thanks. Not.
Listened to / Progress Marker:
Really annoying. You no longer get an indication of what you have listened to or how far through you are. This makes building up podcasts for later listening difficult to manage. Another feature removed from the iPad. Argh!
Final word:
Please forgive the change of format. I have had to resort to WordPress app as BlogPress have yet to get their App working in iOS 5. Back to normal soon, I hope.

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2 thoughts on “IPad update to iOS 5: music app problems

  1. Thanks Harle! Same problems, same level of annoyedness.

    Posted by timoz | 2011/10/31, 8:25 pm


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