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iPhone 4S

Anyone out there have issues with an iPhone 4S? I love my new phone, especially the screen and the responsiveness of the device. Minuses: Only gripe so far? When the phone loses signal it can take up to three minutes to be regained. That’s from the point other devices gain access again. Pluses: Thoroughly enjoying … Continue reading

iPhone 4S: Fun with Siri

Well, it’s here! I must say that so far I am impressed. The jump in speed, graphics and application handling is obvious. Note that I was perfectly happy to continue with the iPhone 3GS but this iPhone 4S is better. Oh, yes. But what do I find I am doing with this glossy new toy?

iPhone 4S: Coming Soon…

Well, just a few weeks after launch and I’m taking the plunge. iPhone 4S has been ordered so this is the last blog entry (possibly) from my trusty companion for the last two years, iPhone 3GS.