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12 Days of iTunes: Day 6

One now for the fans of French techno/house music! Day Six David Guetta: Nothing but the beat Some electronic music I really like, others I hate. I get the feeling as an old grouch that for me this might be the latter but no doubt that a EP from an artist with three number ones … Continue reading

Daily blog for a year?

Here’s the thing. I’d live to be able to just create a daily blog entry. Every day. Alas, this means the subject has to Be quick and pithy. Trouble is, I’d like it to Be relevant and consistent too! What should I do? Security? iPhone? Apps? Facebook? Photos? Movies? Books? Argh! Any help out there?

“…please do both of us a favor…”, Viral Scampi

Oh dear. A lot of quite intelligent people are now getting very confused with the new Facebook features. It seems the ideas involved are getting confused and muddled.

12 Days of iTunes: Day 5

Yeah!An App! An app I say.Where are the Apps? Here I say! Day Five Sonic & Sega all star racing Again, I haven’t a lot to say on this one. Yet. I like racing games but have yet to try this one! My paltry 1.5Mbps mean it will take a while to down. Looking forward … Continue reading

12 Days of iTunes: Day 4

Ah!Here’s something different! Day Four “The Redbreast” by Jo Nesbo Ah now, a book I can appreciate. From a well known crime author too.A little old, perhaps, as it was published in 2000 but none the less may be good.I cannot comment on the accuracy of Don Bartlett‘s translation but certainly the first chapter reads … Continue reading


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