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12 Days of iTunes: Day 2

Another day, another dollar.
Today sees the freeby in the line of a one off TV special and a single episode of a TV series.

Day Two

Top Gear / The Trip

Ok, more familiar territory. I like Top Gear. Not for motor news or reviews but it’s an excellent entertainment programme.
The first part the lads trip in sports cars to recreate the trip of the Three Wise Men. “ish
They specialise in the longer format, allowing greater scope for “play”.
The second item is unfamiliar to me. An episode from a series called “The Trip“, starring Coogan and Brydon. This episode takes them to somewhere called “Hipping Hall“. I’ll leave a comment when I’ve watched it!
The idea here is that the freeby entices you to buy the whole series. Alas, I don’t think this will, unlike the Doctor Who offering last year.

  1. Top Gear: Middle East Special
  2. The Trip: Hipping Hall

Merry Christmas Coogan and Top Gear fans!
3/5 (Top Gear)
?/5 (The Trip)

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