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Daily blog for a year?

Here’s the thing. I’d live to be able to just create a daily blog entry. Every day. Alas, this means the subject has to Be quick and pithy. Trouble is, I’d like it to Be relevant and consistent too! What should I do? Security? iPhone? Apps? Facebook? Photos? Movies? Books? Argh! Any help out there?

“…please do both of us a favor…”, Viral Scampi

Oh dear. A lot of quite intelligent people are now getting very confused with the new Facebook features. It seems the ideas involved are getting confused and muddled.

12 Days of iTunes: Day 5

Yeah!An App! An app I say.Where are the Apps? Here I say! Day Five Sonic & Sega all star racing Again, I haven’t a lot to say on this one. Yet. I like racing games but have yet to try this one! My paltry 1.5Mbps mean it will take a while to down. Looking forward … Continue reading