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Day 003: Facebook Special Lists

We have lists and we’re not afraid to use them!
And Facebook want you to. It helps them understand (as an overview) how people are using their service, how they are related and all this allows them to tailor it better for us. In theory anyway.
20120103-130330.jpgSome examples are the three optional/default, but not Smart, lists.

  1. Close Friends
  2. Acquaintances
  3. Restricted

Each provides a potentially valuable addition to how you use Facebook.

Close Friends:

Here is the list for ensuring you are getting the most information from those you really want to hear from. Add an individual to the Close Friends list and you’ll get practically everything they do. This means you need to think about who you add but can be very valuable in keeping up to date.


Here we have the opposite of a Close Friend. Individuals in the Acquaintances list only show up every so often in your feed. Only the big events are shown, like relationship updates. This allows you to cut down on the chatter from those you’re, ahem, less interested in hearing from.


Ah, now. This is the reverse of both the lists above. Individuals on the Restricted list cannot see anything you do unless you change it’s visibility to Public. So all your normal chatter and complaining is hidden from those on the Restricted list. Perhaps your Boss would be a good person to have on your Restricted list (or if you’re a very bad boy – your Mum!)

Individuals on Multiple Lists:

Also note that you can assign individuals to multiple lists. So you can have Family who are Acquaintances and Restricted or even Family who you Work with and are Close Friends.
Obviously you cannot have an individual on both Close Friends and Acquaintances at the same time. Also Close Friend and Restricted is a bit of an odd combination. You’ll see everything they post but they’ll see nothing you post?


Again you have the same general options for these lists available from the Manage List button, allowing you to tweak them further.
Again, I reiterate that this is safe, most of the time, as the individuals are not informed of what lists they are on and cannot see your lists.

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