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Day 006: Facebook – cutting down clutter from an individual

Ok, we really are getting ruthless now. We are starting to curb messages from individuals above and beyond what Facebook can do automatically.
Firstly, you’ll need to find them in your Friends Lists and go to their Profile.
Along the top, on the right, you’ll find a series of options Friends, Subscribed, Message and the Cog symbol. The Cog always means ‘Other‘ in Facebook.


Here you can edit the Lists this person is a member of. Obviously you can add them to Acquaintances or Restricted as a starter, as well as correcting any mistakes (people in the wrong Lists.)
If you are feeling extreme about the Friend and simply don’t want to know them any more, you’ve had enough then he you will also find the Unfriendly option. The final resort to remove someone from your Facebook Friends.


Here you get three sections to allow you to tweak the what you see about this Friend in your News Feed.

How many updates?

These are three automated filters by Facebook. All, Most and Only Important really speak for themselves. Don’t they? Really this is the topic for today!

What type of updates?

These are the same options that we saw when looking at Lists. Same effect but limited to this Friend.


Pretty obvious? When sort of. This essentially removes this persons updates, all of them, from your News Feed. To see any updates from this individual you need visit their profile. Except whe you have mutual connections to which you subscribe. Interactions there will appear on your News Feed.


This little section simply opens a dialog that allows you to send a private message to this particular Friend. Indeed, once you open that dialog you can add other friends to this little private conflab.

Cog (Other):

Several options again: See Friendship, Poke, Suggest Friends and Report/Block.

See Friendship

Gives you a nice view of your interactions with this Friend. I’ll cover this properly later but it’s a old way of looking at whether your contacting your Friends appropriately, or accidentally ignoring them or even arguing far too much!


Bit like a rude way of saying hello. Not sure what use it is, why not just send a Message?

Suggest Friends

Allow you to suggest, from your Friends, people that this Friend might want to add as Friends. Useful for people who have just joined but maybe a bit invasive or creepy for some who have been on Facebook a while…


A whole raft of options for working with the misuse of Facebook.
Easily a topic in their own right, these are the serious options for the nasty items you sometimes find on Facebook. Use with extreme caution.

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