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Day 007: Dr. No

On the seventh day of the year, what else could it be?
Bond‘s first outing for United Artists/MGM is a true classic and enjoyable throughout.
This is pure magical cinema, built for no other reason than to entertain.
Ian Fleming‘s hero, James Bond(Sean Connery), and the world in which he inhabits are brought to life so well that over twenty other movies (some only loosely based on the original source material) and five decades later it’s still going strong.
James Bond is sent to investigate the disappearance of another British spy in Jamaica. Through his investigations he learns of a plot to dominate the world via the space programme (a recurring theme in Bond movies). Along the way he’ll meet double agents, CIA operatives, megalomaniacs and of course those lovely ladies.
The sense of fun and menace of the lead are here laid out as a future blueprint for the rest of the series.
Things to look out for:Honey’s beach scene, The very opening (setting the stage for the investigation), the mechanical dragon
Released: 1962
Certificate: PG
Cast: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, Bernard Lee
Rating: wonder action/thiller not over exaggerated in any particular direction, enjoyable spy thiller, recommended

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