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Day 007: Facebook life events

So we now know that if you limit people’s chatter on your News Feed you only get to se important items in their posts. But what are these events that are so important that everyone should know about them.
Well, Facebook calls them Life Events.

Life Events:

These Life Events re split into several sections, to make it easier to find each one.

  • Work & Education
  • Family & Relationships
  • Home & Living
  • Health & Wellness
  • Travel & Experience

So here’s a quick run through of what’s in each. This gives you an idea of the kind of things that you are likely to see from Acquaintances or those set to “Life Events”. It’s not precisely a match as Facebook has two separate filters – “Only Important” and “Life Events“. I guess the former is an even more cut down version of everything and anything. The fine mesh.

Work & Education:

Want to record a new job, internship, further education, your schools; this is the place to do it.20120108-110357.jpg

Family & Relationships:

Here are a quite a few options. When you met, who you’re with, deaths, births etc.; all under one quite large section.20120108-110423.jpg

Home & Living:

Your house, your car, your stuff. Moving and a changing’. Personally, I don’t think a new car is anything like as important as the other stuff here.20120108-110503.jpg

Health & Wellness:

All those issues that effect health, not sure “wellness” is a real word but probably is – what isn’t these days. What’s wrong with “Wellbeing“?20120108-110524.jpg

Travel & Experience:

Religion, life firsts, awards, even new hobbies and taking up a musical instrument. Another huge section of options.20120108-110551.jpg

Other Life Events:

Each of these sections has the option to allow you to add a new, custom entry too. You aren’t limited to just those you can see here.


So I need to wear glasses and here I add the fact under “Glasses, Contacts…” in “Health & Wellness“. I fill in the details and then post – no wait!!!20120108-110603.jpg
Hidden away at the bottom can you see what Facebook have done?
Life Events default to a visibility of Public. So if your Friends add a Life Event, even if you have them as Acquaintances, the default is to publish to everyone and so, you’ll probably see it!
So I don’t want everyone to know I wear reading glasses now so…20120108-110619.jpg

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