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Day 008: Facebook Activity Log

Here’s a quick one for you.
You can now review everything you’ve done on Facebook!
Simply go to your Timeline (you’ll get it soon if you haven’t yet) and there you’ll find the Activity Log option. Just click.20120108-125124.jpg
Here you’ll find all the changes, all the items you’ve posted and so forth. You can even find out when you did them – easily.
At the top there is an option marked All. Click this and a myriad of options to limit the list appear.
You can scroll through this list, and it may be long, and pick out any type of update or event or even Apps that you’ve authorised to update your status/profile over the years.
For example, if I check my Questions, then scroll down a bit then I can see a whole slue answers appear!
Sometimes when you scroll to the bottom the list is automatically extended, however sometimes you’ll need to click the More Activity bottom to see older items
Go back far enough and you’ll see the Joined Facebook entry. Obviously you can go no further back than that!

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