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Day 008: Monsters, Inc.

Animated movies rarely hit these kind of heights. This is where Pixar showed they are not a one trick pony.
In a world where the Monster in the Cupboard is not only real but just the tip of the iceberg, the monsters too have their own world, full of life’s ups and downs.
The movie follows two work colleagues and close friends as they slowly unravel the world around them, finding treachery and danger along the way.
Monsters power their world by collecting screams from human children and processing them into electricity (ish). The trick is doing this without letting the children touch you, as children are toxic to monsters!
When a small child finds its way into the monsters’ world, it’s a race aghast time to get the girl home.
Sound spooky? Well no. This is a wonderful, wonderful comedy that just makes you laugh over and over again. Sulley is the best scarer in the power plant and Mike is his Assistant. Each child’s bedroom is accessed via a unique Door. One of the best animated comedies ever.
As the race to get the child, Boo, back to her own Door takes more and more hysterical turns and leads to the two monster friends uncovering a conspiracy in their own ranks.
Things to look out for:Harryhausen’s restaurant, a monster changing camouflage every time it’s punched, spotting (again) John Ratzenburger, don’t eat yellow snow, code 2319, the ‘outtakes‘, the Collector’s Edition is exceptional and utterly crammed with goodies including Mike’s New Car & For The Birds
Released: 2001
Certificate: U
Cast: (voice cast) John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn, Bob Peterson, John Ratzenburger
Rating: very funny animated action, beautifully rendered, highly recommended

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