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12 Days of Christmas: An Overview

Well, it’s over.
A lot of people are grumbling about the selection of items made available on 12 Days this year. But was it really that bad?
Run Down:

  1. Coldplay single: 3

  2. Top Gear/The Trip episodes: 3
  3. Lady GaGa single: 3
  4. The Redbreast book: 4
  5. Sonic & Sega All Star Racing game: 4
  6. David Guetta single: 3
  7. Snapseed app: 5
  8. One Direction single: 2
  9. 30Rock/House pilot episodes: 4
  10. NFS: Shift 2 game: 4
  11. Best in Travel 2012 book: 3
  12. Foo Fighters single: 4

So the total score was 42 out of 60 or 70%. Not a bad score, certainly a pass. An average of 3.5 out of 5.
I still think Snapseed is the most impressive item, though Shift 2 isn’t far behind.
The singles bring the average down, as these aren’t my tastes. To be honest I was disappointed in these but Apple cannot possibly hope to win on this one. They tried to keep their younger audience happy I think, a wise move.

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