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Day 017: Johnny English

After an explosion kills every active agent in MI5, the last trained spy Britain has is the inept and bumbling Johnny English or is he simply unlucky?
Left in charge of the Nation’s security, Johnny (Rowan Atkinson) must learn fast. When the Crown Jewels are stolen from right under his nose the trail leads him time and time again to a French entrepreneur (John Malkovich). Unable to convince his superiors he must risk all to gain the evidence he needs.
Career, life, Her Majesty and even his Aston Martin are at stake.
An entertaining spoof on the spy thriller genre with both heart and real production values. Proper gadgets, laugh out loud humour and a preposterous plot, Johnny English is almost certainly the best movie based on an advertisement.
Things to look out for: so many bumbling mistakes by the hero, Natalie Imbruglia as the mysterious beautiful woman who just keeps cropping up, marvellously over-the-top John Malkovich, lovely gadgets, of course Rowan Atkinson is superb as our eponymous hero
Released: 2003
Certificate: PG
Cast: Rowan Atkinson, John Malkovich, Ben Miller, Natalie Imbruglia
Rating: entertaining spoof with proper production values, recommended

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