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Day 019: Enemy of the State

It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you! (Good tag line is just the beginning…)
Lawyer,Robert Clayton Dean‘s (Will Smith) life starts to disintegrate around him when he is the unwitting recipient of a secret film showing the assassination of a US Congressman (good cameo by Stuart Wilson). Suddenly the full technical might of the NSA are unleashed against him.
The high tech game begins as Dean tries to find out why his professional and personal life have been savaged. He’ll need the help of all his friends and even the mysterious “Brill“, a contact he uses in his work through a third party, his ex-mistress (Lisa Bonet), if he is to clear him name. Dean being framed for murder turns the game nasty.
Excellent thriller in the style of Three days of the Condor or The 39 Steps.
Will Smith plays excellently against the huge Hollywood names of Jon Voight and Gene Hackman.
Things to look out for: underwear shopping, “Brill” destroying his home, two superb thugs, good performance by Regina King as Dean’s suffering wife, lots of twists and turns, lovely surveillance tech, Jack Black at the start of his rise to stardom
Released: 1998
Certificate: 15
Cast: Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Regina King, Lisa Bonet,
Rating: excellent, superbly drawn thriller for the ’90 distrust of all things Government. Highly recommended

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