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Day 021: Some like it HOT

How do two unemployed guys escape the clutches of the Chicago gangs? Why, maybe them dames ain’t dame?
After witnessing a gangster related murder, two musicians(Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon) are forced to get out of Chicago in a hurry. The only plan that presents itself is to join a travelling jazz band. The only trouble is, it’s an all-girl band!
Cue “Josephine” and “Geraldine” or is that “Daphne“? Trouble really starts when romance rears for “Josephine” with Sugar (Marilyn Monroe). Trouble is, how can he tell her he’s a he and keep up the ruse?
Playing the dame gets very tricky, from close quarters in dormitory, to potential (male) suitors, life is very confusing for the two men on the run from the mob.
Things just get worse when the gangsters turn up once again, by pure chance, and they haven’t forgotten the two witnesses…
Things to look out for: some wonderful quotable lines – far too many to mention, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are excellent – even as women, bicycles, reverse only, the script is played out by two of the greatest cinema actors ever, gangsters played grittily and contrast well with the humour of the situation, last lines are pure cinema magic, the DVD has a good documentary on how difficult the filming was
Released: 1959
Certificate: PG
Cast: Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, George Raft, Pat O’Brien, Joe E. Brown, Nehemiah Persoff
Rating: wonderful comedy – hilarious even, very highly recommended

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