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Day 024: Facebook Security Review

Just a reminder today.
What you can do with Facebook’s Security options.

Keeping Safe:

Simply put you should check what’s going on on your account frequently enough to prevent a disaster, clean up after yourself and ensure you’re using all the appropriate security tweaks that you can.

  1. Turn on Secure Browsing
    And check it regularly
  2. Turn on Login Notifications
  3. Turn on Login Approvals
    Works best with a mobile phone via SMS
  4. Review and remove unwanted App Passwords
  5. Review and remove unwanted Recognised Devices
  6. Review and terminate unwanted Active Sessions

When, How often?:

I’d recommend once a month is adequate for most users.
If you rely on Facebook once a week.
You absolutely must review these items if you change PC or sell a Device.
Combined with the Privacy Settings these Security Settings allow nice and tight control of your account.
But soon we’ll discuss Applications and there we have the most likely source of issues for most users.

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