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Day 026:Facebook Download

You can now get a copy of what Facebook stores on your behalf! Nearly…

Facebook Download:

If you look under Account Settings, General Options, you’ll find a little link at the bottom
Download a copy of your Facebook data.
This is a good idea, as it’ll let you get a look at what you’ve done over the years.

What’s included:

Think about what’s visible on your Timeline and most of that is included.

  • Your photos
  • Your Status updates
  • Your messages
  • Posts on your Wall or Timeline
  • Comments on any of the above on your Wall or Timeline
  • Your personal notes
  • Your events and events you’ve replied to
  • Your Profile
  • A list of your friends

What’s not included:

All the stuff on other peoples Walls or Timelines. You won’t get their status updates or photos, even if you’ve commented or liked them.
The same is true of Page likes and comments.
The primary and obvious connection here is that you must be the original source of the material. Thus the “your” in each of the items you can download.
Also, you won’t get anything that you’ve deleted.

How do I do it?:

Process is easy enough.
Go to the General Options and click the link.
It’s simply a matter off reading the instructions on screen from then on.
Eventually you’ll get an email with link in it from which you can obtain the requested information.
Facebook may request that you confirm your identity and that you are ‘human’ with some simple enough questions.
The resultant download is in the format of a compressed archive, a zip file.
Uncompressed it (all modern Operating Systems can do this) and there are your statuses, photos etc.
Obviously this archive is a very personal thing so keep it safe.

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