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Day 028: The Incredibles

In a Universe where Superheroes are forced to hide in normal society, never using their abilities to help there fellow man, Bob and Helen Parish struggle to bring up a family with super powers.
When a mysterious, beautiful woman called Mirage approaches Bob an opportunity to once more be the hero and save the day presents itself. But fifteen years of inactivity (except for the odd secret ‘rescue’ with his friend, Lucius) have taken their toll and a rigorous training regime begins.
But as Helen gets suspicious and the true intentions of Bob‘s new patron become apparent the whole family are drawn into danger and perhaps the whole world.

wonderful, modern animation from Pixar again showing that they can do excellent work time and time again. Hard work on the plot and script show through with a believable, though fantastic, characters. In fact the writing as nominated for an Acadamy Award.

Things to look out for: wonderful range of super powers on show, nice contrast between home life and the powers of the family, baby Jack-Jack saving himself, finding John Ratzenburger, Edna Mole’s security system, super costumes for superheroes, no capes!, wall of lava!, excellent small role for Wallace Shawn as Bob’s boss, the DVD is packed with goodies – Jack-Jack attack is glorious fun, Superheros secret files, “bloopers
Released: 2004
Certificate: U
Cast: Craif T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L Jackson, Jason Lee, Spencer Fox, Sarah Vowell, Elixabeth Peña
Rating: animated fantasy with a beautiful script, watch and enjoy, highly recommended

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