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Day 030: Finding Neverland

Searching for inspiration J. M. Barrie finds it in four children and their widowed mother, Sylvia.
As the tale of Peter Pan slowly grows so Barrie’s relationship with his wife worsens. Spending more and more time with Sylvia and her children causes ripples in both families and society at large.
When Sylvia’s health deteriorates, it is a race for Barrie to complete the play on time…

Touching and whimsical in places, this biopic gives the impression that more than normal dramatic license has been used, but like Miss Potter and it’s equally tragic story, it doesn’t matter. Poignant and enchanting in equal measure.

Things to look out for: nice contrast between the childish Barrie and the older-than-his-years Peter (Freddie Highmore), wonderful unconditional love between Barrie and all the children of the Llewellyn Davies family, moving final scenes
Released: 2004
Certificate: PG
Cast: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie,
Rating: entertaining, perhaps not as good as Miss Potter but enjoyable, Recommended

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