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Day 031: Truly Madly Deeply

Struggling to come to terms with her husband Jamie’s passing when he miraculously reappears in her living room!

Struggles with rats and just the drudgery of life ease for Nina (Juliet Stevenson) whilst Jamie (Alan Rickman) is around. But as Jamie starts to bring his new friends home (all dead musicians) and she starts to fall for a new man, Mark (Michael Maloney) it all gets too complicated again.

Although depressing in places the movie is ultimately a rewarding depiction of bereavement and the emotional ties that bind us long afterwards. The fantastical elements are handled in a rooted, real fashion which makes the environment around Nina somehow feel all the more harrowing. But the humorous elements of the script are well played through and this is primarily a love story, possibly two.

Things to look out for: duet with the dead, Jamie’s return, a loveable landlord (Christopher Rozycki), Jamie’s new friends, quietly understated performance by Michael Maloney
Released: 1991
Certificate: PG
Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Alan Rickman, Bill Paterson, Michael Maloney
Rating: a rewarding movie with a ‘truly‘ moving end, humorous and engaging, highly recommended

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