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Day 033: Pretty Woman

After breaking up with his girlfriend Edward, an extremely wealthy corporate lawyer, takes up with a prostitute called Vivian, taking her back to his extensive suite at a five star hotel. In the morning Edward ends up asking her to spend the week with him primarily at the hotel, but also at various social events. In return Vivian will be paid $3000.
As Vivian (Julia Roberts) struggles to fit in, albeit temporarily, into Edward’s (Richard Gere) world, as the week progresses a real relationship develops between the two. If only their pasts and old friends of each could let them get on with things themselves…

A wonderful date movie, possibly more ‘chick flick’, Pretty Woman is of course pure fantasy but the two leads pull you from an incredulous opening through this lovely Cinderella story. The humour is also welcome and interspersed throughout the movie. A nice fish out of water comedy but the slant is definitely towards the romantic story line.

Things to look out for: shop keeper snobbery, wonderful hotel manager by Hector Elizondo, horrid and excellent performance by Jason Alexander as Edwards business partner, revenge on the snooty shop keepers, nice to see Ralph Bellamy just a year before he passed away (his final film performance), rose clenched final scene
Released: 1990
Certificate: 15
Cast: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Ralph Bellamy, Jason Alexander, Laura San Giacomo
Rating: chick flick or date movie staple of the last twenty years, recommended

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