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Day 035: Roman Holiday

A journalist is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he meets a Princess as she steals away, rebelling against the constraints of court life. But will he recognise her and give her away?
Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) fails to recognise his charge, but does let her sleep in his apartment as he goes to work. Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) then becomes the subject of a bet between Joe (who he now recognises from a photo) and his boss Hennessy (Hartley Power). Get an interview with the Princess or be fired.

Another fish out of water comedy, romatantic drama and a sort of finding yourself tale merged together that in Roman Holiday into a wonderful heady cocktail. Comic chases and fight scenes, hidden cameras and a slow realisation of growing respect, even love; this movie could have been made anytime and would have been a hit. With the right cast…
Peck and Hepburn seem to thoroughly enjoy there roles. If they didn’t then they are even better actors than everyone thinks they are.

Things to look out for: moped ride, dodging her bodyguards, a sleepy Princess waking up wondering what happened the night before and who this man she’s woken up with is, a wonderful turn by Eddie Albert as Irving – Joe’s photographer friend
Released: 1953
Certificate: U
Cast: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert
Rating: tender and enjoyable romantic comedy, a story of impossible love perhaps, very highly recommended
Part of the Screen Sirens collection


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