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Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)

batman captures Joker and transports him to Arkham Asylum. But it all seems far too easy…
Of course it is!
As Batman it is your job to save those that need saving, hunt clues, batter villains and eventually stop the Joker‘s psychotic, devil plans. Trouble is, he’s managed to fill the asylum with his goons, let alone the supervillains scattered around the place!

This is a violent game. No doubt about it. But it is wonderfully framed, has easy to grasp controls and is beautiful to look upon. Using the Unreal engine as its base and building in elements from, for example Bink video, the game shows what can be done on the PS3. The voice talents aren’t skimped on either. Mark Hamill has been a superb choice all of his career and his Joker is stunning.

Things to look out for: long video opening, with some walky scene changes to pull the player into the plot, the Joker is wonderful, Harle Quinn 🙂 lovely (one of my favourite villains), cinematics are superb – even in the outdoor scenes, see if you can find Adrienne Barbeau (from the original The Fog), detective mode, sarcasm
Released: 2009
Certificate: 15
Cast: Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Arleen Sorkin,
Rating: just got it, just love it, highly recommended

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