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Day 036: A Place in the Sun

George is working his way up his uncle’s company. When he meets Angela and falls head over heals for her instantly his life really appears to be going places. The trouble is George already has a girlfriend, Alice, and she isn’t willing to go quietly.
As George (Montgomery Clift) contemplates his options Alice (Shelley Winters) reveals a secret that will destroy his dreams.
A chance comment by Angela (Elizabeth Taylor) gives George an idea frightful idea of a way out…

Dark and disturbing, this movie isn’t to everyone’s tastes but the excellent acting and a well put together script combine to create a complete narrative around the hopelessly lost George.

Things to look out for: Angela’s story that gives George his terrible idea, Shelley Winter‘s wonderful performance, Raymond Burr‘s forceful prosecutor, the final goodbye letter
Released: 1951
Certificate: PG
Cast: Montgomery Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters

dark morality play, recommended
Part of the Screen Sirens collection

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